The Narrative Wars

Interview with Desh Amila, creator and director of “Better Left Unsaid”

December 14, 2020

This episode is unique in that I'm not the only one speaking in it. My guest, Desh Amila, comes to the Narrative Wars to talk about his life experience, his reasons for going into filmmaking, and shares what his next movie will be on.  

Desh, originally from war-torn Sri Lanka but who now resides in Australia, is a strong voice in the arena of free speech and open dialogue. He creates content related to worldview issues and his latest work, "Better Left Unsaid" is set to be a continuation of those efforts. And as I say in my intro, Desh is someone whose worldview is slightly different than mine. Yet through our shared curiosity and desire to be part of the "larger conversations", we came together for this lively interview.  

I think you'll enjoy Desh's story and hopefully check out some of his work as well. 

You can find him at  and be sure to listen for his exclusive offer during my podcast. 

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