The Narrative Wars

EP5: How Do We Choose Sides When Injustice Strikes?

June 19, 2020

The tragic death of George Floyd has reignited conversations about race relations in America. More specifically, it has charged us with evaluating just what is the proper response when we see something wrong. America has several collective consciousnesses. And each acts out according to its worldview. But is there a way we ought to processing these things in the Age of Information? Since we are bombarded with so much everyday, it can be easy to get emotionally riled up.

This episode will discuss some recent examples of injustices we've witnessed and how people have responded to them in this post-COVID lockdown environment. 

This episode admittedly bounced around a bit, but landed in the place I was most interested in getting to: which is what we ought to be looking for the most when we see injustice strike and we are only receiving a portion of the story. 

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